Juventus Rumored to Be Preparing Summer Coaching Change

The strong performances have quieted the chatter and the criticism around Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll remain at the helm long-term. Corriere dello Sport’s director Ivan Zazzaroni stated that the gaffer would leave at the end of the season. His replacement could be an old acquaintance. He spoke during Rai’s TV show Pressing (via Tuttomercatoweb).

“Everybody knows that Antonio Conte wants to return to the Bianconeri. That’s the club he likes. He turned down Napoli because he has completely different ideas.”

“As for Allegri, he wants to flee Juventus. The conditions for him to stay aren’t present. He’ll pocket the money he’s owed and bolt. It’s normal. He belongs to a different Old Lady that no longer exists. He’s probably disoriented by what’s going on today.”

“If they finished in the top four, or perhaps even higher, I think that would fuel regrets afterward. But it’s a secondary problem.

“Allegri is having trouble finding his place in a different Juventus. Many things don’t end up happening in football, but I’d bet a very high sum on his farewell at the end of the season. Resignations? There are many ways to exit. He still has a year on his contract.”

Our Take on Juventus and Allegri

If the management really wanted to keep him, the murmurs about a renewal would ramp up in March/April; otherwise, the parties will be set to split, probably more quietly and on better terms than the last time.

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