Juventus Score Partial Victory in Anticipated Appeal

Juventus have partially won the appeal against the point deduction. The CONI’s College of Guarantee has sent the trial back to the previous degree, the Court of Appeal, to reformulate the sanction. The body has one month to release its motivation. Therefore, the case will restart near the end of the season, La Repubblica informs. The Old Lady will be referred for more allegations before that.

In the meantime, the penalty is suspended, and therefore the Bianconeri have gotten their 15 points back. They are now in third place behind Napoli and Lazio, with a three-point lead over Roma, pushing Inter and Milan outside the top four.

Juventus, which had asked for a complete acquittal altogether over some technicalities, received a surprising assist from the general sports prefect Ugo Taucer, who was representing the accusation since the Federal Association didn’t participate in the appeal. He suggested that the reasoning to back the charge of disloyalty wasn’t substantiated enough.

Federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè had asked for a nine-point penalty, but the Court exceeded the request in their sentence. Any possible sanction has to be afflictive according to the bylaws and thus affect the position in a meaningful way, should the club be found guilty again. It will be possible to appeal the decision again, pushing the trial deep into the summer.

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