Juventus Still Likely to Lose Some Points Down the Line

Juventus got 15 points back after a partially successful appeal, but it might be just a matter of time until they get deducted again. While the CONI’s College of Guarantee sent the case back to the previous court to reformulate and better motivate the sanction, it upheld most of the suspensions against their apical executives, Il Fatto Quotidiano relays.

Therefore, their faith is final. Andrea Agnelli is banned for 2 years, Fabio Paratici for 30 months, who just resigned, sporting director Federico Cherubini for 16, and former CEO Maurizio Arrivabene for 24. Only Pavel Nedved and a few board members might get their punishment reduced after further hearings.

It appears that the charge of disloyalty held up. The body has a month to release its reasoning. It reportedly vowed to do it in a fortnight. That would speed up the proceedings. The Federation will then set the date to restart the trial versus Juventus in two weeks.

The Court of Appeal will mandatorily have different components compared to the previous sentence. It will have complete liberty to rule as it wants. The club’s lawyers believe they could come away with a fine or be acquitted. However, the fact that their executives were convicted makes it highly unlikely.

Per the rulebook, any point deduction would have to be afflictive. Therefore, it’d have to concretely impact their final position. For instance, it would have to be enough to cost them Champions League qualification. Since Juventus will face more charges, there are no guarantees the legal matters will be settled before the end of the season, which will technically conclude on June 30th. The team could have an interest in postponing the penalty to the next campaign.

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