Juventus to Keep Soulé Without an Over-the-Top Offer

Juventus could sell Matias Soulé, but only if somebody meets their conspicuous demands and if they have no alternatives because they couldn’t complete other profitable departures. Thiago Motta and Cristiano Giuntoli wouldn’t have any trouble keeping the Argentine in the squad, La Gazzetta dello Sport informed.

On the other hand, the former Frosinone loanee could fetch a large income that could help the team land multiple targets. He’s drawn a lot of attention and a few offers. They haven’t reached the figure the Bianconeri have in mind to pull the trigger.

Juventus are seeking €35/40M to part ways with Soulé. He’s not as untouchable as Kenan Yildiz, but he’s not for sale either. Instead, that’d be the case for Federico Chiesa without an agreement on an extension in the next month or so.

Roma and Lazio are keen on the attacker. The Old Lady has received concrete bids from Germany and England. They at most amounted to €20/25M and were promptly declined.

Our Take on Juventus and Soulé

They have been linked to a few wingers, some more interesting than others, but the best-case scenario for them would be to lean on those they already have such as the Argentinian prodigy, Yildiz, and Chiesa. It’ll hinge on the contractual talks for the Azzurri star and on their overall budget, proposals, and other deals for the 21-year-old. If they are sufficiently ambitious, bringing in two new specialists would cost them more than what they could get for their own players. They better keep at least one.

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