Juventus to Reikindle Efforts to Re-Up with Rugani

Juventus pressed pause on their extensions in January, and Daniele Rugani wasn’t taken care of beforehand despite a host of renewals, but they remain keen on striking a deal and keeping him in the squad going forward, Tuttomercatoweb’s Mirko Di Natale informs.

The center-back is technically one of their main priorities. He’s one of their few players whose deal runs out at the end of the season. Despite that, they prioritized more pivotal members of their squad in recent months.

Juventus and the Rugani camp had already decided to postpone the negotiation in mid-December. February figures to be the key month for them to potentially shake hands. If things go as expected, the new expiration date will be 2026.

The defender is poised to have his salary reduced as a result of his age and limited role. He has appeared 12 times this season while other options were unavailable, generally holding his own. Massimiliano Allegri made the call to keep him after he spent time on loan at Rennes and Cagliari in the recent past.

Our Take on Juventus and Rugani

He’s still somehow only 29 and, at this point and since he’s been serviceable whenever called upon, they might as well have him until the wheels fall off and he has been a lot better and healthier than Alex Sandro, who’s most likely on his way out, as there have been no peeps about any talks with him.

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