Juventus to Tweak Offer for Di Maria to Repel Barcelona

Juventus will have to change the terms of their proposal to convince Angel Di Maria, as such an impasse has allowed Barcelona to join the race. The Blaugrana have not tendered an offer just yet, but they have opened talks with his agent, Corriere della Sera informs.

The winger admitted following the Finalissima that he had yet to pick his next destination. He confirmed his plans to Tyc Sports.

“I am focusing on the national team, and then I will go on vacation. We will see what happens. The most important thing is that my family is at ease. I have played in great clubs and they have always stayed close to me. I want to move to a place where we could all be happy. My wish is to play one final campaign in Europe to prepare for the World Cup and then return to Rosario Central, where I spent too little time.”

Before Barcelona interjected the negotiation, Juventus had proposed to Di Maria a two-year contract with €7M wages or a seasonal one at €5/5.5M. They prefer the first option for fiscal reasons. However, they could opt to meet his request, improving the monetary part through bonuses, La Gazzetta dello Sport informs. The parties should meet in Madrid soon.

Our Take on Barcelona Rivaling Juventus for Di Maria

The Blaugrana have been proficient in terms of free-agent acquisitions in recent years, and El Fideo still has gas left in the tank. It remains to be seen whether his Real Madrid past could represent a hindrance in that sense, though. Juventus are in dire need of wingers and should cease messing around and give in since the demands by Di Maria are not exorbitant, and further teams might start pursuing him on top of Barcelona.