Juventus €254.3M Loss Last Season Worst Ever for a Serie A Club

Things are not going well for Juventus so far this season. They sit eighth in the Serie A after seven games. La Vecchia Signora lost both of their Champions League outings so far. One would be forgiven for thinking that things could not be worse for them right now.

Yet things have managed to get further out of control for the record champions. This comes after various reports confirmed that the Bianconeri recorded €254.3m in losses last season. That is an Italian record, trumping Inter’s €245.6m loss from two seasons ago.

This is part of the reason why Massimiliano Allegri remains safe in the Juventus dugout, despite the poor form. With a heft salary over the next few seasons, letting the 55-year-old go would only add more trouble financially.

The other issue is that Juve is being watched by UEFA after failing to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations. While they avoided a ban for now, the Old Lady still paid a fine for seldom breaking the threshold.

While Juventus is known for the plethora of Italian records they have, this new record they have set is not the type they would wish to be breaking.

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