Kaká Talks Milan, Maldini and Brazil Chances in Qatar

Kaká praised Milan for what they achieved in the Champions League and weighed in on the World Cup in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I would like to come to Italy to see the match against Tottenham. The Rossoneri are going in the right direction. I like the long-term perspective of the management. They have a fun, vertical and organized team. Stefano Pioli has given them a clear identity and is involving everybody, so it’s not an issue when some pieces are missing.”

The legend spoke highly of his former teammate Paolo Maldini.

“I knew he would fare well in anything he wanted to do. He’s very intelligent, competent, and honest. Luckily, he decided to be an executive at Milan. We talk every now and again. Maybe I will become a director too.”

Kaká shared his thoughts about the upcoming World Cup.

“The different time in the calendar, the temperature, the lack of travel and the possibility to start recovering right away are all factors that will play a role. The champions will be in top shape in my mind. In theory, it will be the last one for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I’m curious to see their impact. They will try to prove that they are still leaders. I’d like for Neymar to be anointed as their heir in this occasion considering his talent, and the person and player he has become.”

“Brazil is the favorite because they have been working in on it for a long time. It was right to confirm Tite, and the group has the correct mix of youth and experience. The other top contenders are Argentina and France, while Serbia might be a surprise.”

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