Lautaro Martinez Discusses Run of Form and World Cup

Lautaro Martinez spoke about his stellar stretch, the World Cup, and the challenging preparation ahead of it in an interview with Argentinian outlet Tyc Sports (via Calciomercato).

“There have been many moments where I felt I was in good shape, but the current one is my best since I’ve been at Inter. From the captain’s armband to scoring many goals, I’m playing almost every game and this is important for me and the club.”

“We were very focused for the rematch against the Netherlands. They claimed that our words pumped them up, but they were the ones that did most of the talking. It’s key to us when Lionel Messi gets mad, because it means that the opponents have no shot.”

Lautaro Martinez didn’t have the starring role he hoped for in Qatar, partly due to an injury.

“I played through an ankle problem and with the help of painkillers. I wasn’t in the right physical condition to give my 100 percent in every match. But we couldn’t make mistakes, and we basically had six finals.”

“The coach and I met to decide the penalty kick takers, he started listing names, and I obviously told him that I wanted in. I’m a striker and do it for my club, and also for the national team when Messi and Leandro Paredes aren’t on the pitch. It happened in Copa America for instance. In the end, he compiled the order, and I ended up being fifth. I asked Gonzalo Montiel to take the decisive one, but we couldn’t change it.”

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