Lautaro Gets More Realistic About Contract Extension

Lautaro Martinez walked back his recent statements about his renewal, as he’s aware that the uncertainty at Inter is bound to slow down the proceedings. He gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We’re close and only a couple of things are missing. I said this week because Serie A is about to end, and I’d like to define it before the Copa America. I realize that the situation could delay it. We’re talking with Giuseppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio, but it depends on the ownership too. We’re waiting and don’t know what will happen, but there are no issues between us.”

The striker stated that Steven Zhang made his presence felt even though he’s not been in Italy in a year.

“He has always been close to us, and sometimes a video call is enough. He’s a great president.”

Lautaro would like to play in the Olympics but won’t put his foot down to do it.

“My wife is against it too because we wouldn’t go on vacation. I wish to, but I haven’t heard anything. In any case, I’d have to discuss it with Inter. Unfortunately, the schedule is packed, and we play too much. We need to rotate more and more. I don’t like being on the bench, but we won the Scudetto also thanks to the subs.”

Lautaro looked back at the split with Romelu Lukaku.

“He didn’t answer me that one time last summer, and that was it for both. We all moved on.”

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