Lega Serie A Hand Most Valuable Stadium Award in 2021/22

With the intention of providing clubs with an incentive to improve their arenas, Lega Serie A has handed out to Udinese an accolade for the ‘Most Valuable Stadium’ in the league. It has been awarded taking into consideration several parameters, including sustainability, aesthetics and field quality, among other factors.

The Serie A pitches were judged quantifiably for the first time with the idea to inspire and encourage clubs to make more structural investments. The official press release by Serie A reads as follows.

“The Dacia Arena of Udine wins the Most Valuable Field of the 2021/22 season. During the competitive season that has just ended, the Serie A pitches were judged for the first time at the end of each day on the basis of technical performance, aesthetics amd other factors, in order to assign the award.

The aim is to provide clubs with more and more incentives to improve the aesthetic and performance qualities of the grounds of their facilities, to have a television product of the highest level and of course to reward the clubs more virtuous in terms of structural investments.

The final classification was determined thanks to the votes of captains of the visiting team, club directors, television producers of the matchday and the agronomic technicians of the league. Therefore, the three best pitches of the Serie A TIM 2021/22 has been identified: Dacia Arena in Udine, Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo, and Allianz Stadium in Turin.”

Of all the clubs, Udinese’s Dacia Arena has come out on top, beating the likes of its iconic counterparts San Siro, Stadio Olimpico and even the Allianz Stadium.

Long-serving Friulani CEO Franco Collavino released a statement of appreciation, citing that it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve the levels of current quality if adequate importance had not been given to the ‘green’ factor and the aesthetic playing field.

“The Dacia Arena is the best playing field in Serie A 2021/2022, thanks to the work that started last summer, which represents the model of a modern facility alive 365 days. The actions to protect the environment carried out by the club in synergy with its partners, also in making sure that the spectacle of great football is sublimated by an aesthetically perfect playing field.”

The second place goes to Atalanta’s Stadio di Bergamo, followed by Juventus’ Allianz Stadium.