Leonardo Hits Back at Ibrahimovic for Previous PSG Slander

Leonardo did not mince words toward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who accused PSG to be lacking discipline in his book Adrenalina: “It is not even worthy to respond to such accusation. There must be a reason why every player that leaves us can not stop talking about us afterward. Everybody wants to come here.”

The director gave an interview to L’Equipe: “Zlatan asked several times to return to PSG. I am still waiting for him to publicly thank this team for helping his career. It existed before him, and it has continued to go on afterward.”

Ibrahimovic spent four years in the French Capital, sharing one with Leonardo. Some reports suggested that the Swedish star reached out to his former outfit to discuss a reunion before re-upping with Milan last summer.

Leonardo defender in particular Neymar: “Do you really think that a player could perform at a high level for 12 years while acting unprofessionally? The social networks provide a distorted image of reality.”

The executive dismissed the lofty sums floating around regarding their contractual proposal to Kylian Mbappé: “We have not made a specific offer. The last thing we will settle will be the wages. We want to put him in the best possible conditions to thrive. We have not talked money, as that element is not a sticking point. He is so valuable, and I think he is serene on such front, which is secondary. It will take us two minutes to decide the salary. I am increasingly convinced he wants to stay with us.”