Lindstrom Says to Have Snubbed Liverpool to Join Napoli

Napoli newcomer Jesper Lindstrom addressed his recent transfer and revealed he turned down Liverpool to join the Scudetto champions. He spoke to Swedish outlet Tipbsladet (via Calciomercato).

“I thought I would stay at first, but then Eintracht Frankfurt had to sell due to the Financial Fair Play. I departed overnight. The transfer was chaotic. I was surprised because they had told him it wouldn’t be possible. It was nice in the end. I was looking forward to it. In football, you are never sure until you put pen to paper. I fully realized it only at that moment. I would have continued in Germany otherwise because my girlfriend and I were comfortable.”

Lindstrom discussed why he picked Napoli over Liverpool.

“The Reds were after me, but I was wondering how many minutes I would have played and if it would have been smart to go there. It would have been crazily interesting but, if I don’t feature, I might as well watch them on TV while I’m in another club. I need continuity. That’s why I think coming here was the right choice. It’s one of the best sides in the world. They told me I’ll have many opportunities.”

Lindstrom already noticed the passion of the Napoli fans.

“It’s impossible to go out in the town. There’s just one team here, and everything is exaggerated. It’s an incredible experience.”

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