Lobotka Dishes on Napoli Secret Sauce and His Renewal

Stanislav Lobotka discussed how Napoli’s great season came to be, his future, and the contribution of Luciano Spalletti in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“I realized we were a great team in the pre-season retreat. Many players had left, but we knew the new ones would maintain the same high level of quality. We got the answers we sought in the early Champions League games, which increased our confidence. We started playing in a way nobody expected. The personality of the group emerged.”

“The coach was great in making us understand his idea of football. We’re happy with what we are doing, and with the joy we are distributing. But we are aware that there are many Serie A matches to go. We can’t get distracted. We must follow the boss’ instructions and take it game by game.”

Lobotka was asked about Napoli’s secret.

“I don’t know whether it’s chemistry, but it’s surely a combination of factors. Director Cristiano Giuntoli’s ability to pick the right players, Spalletti’s strength that improves us, the serenity conveyed by the club, and our hunger. We want to gift the Scudetto to our fans. We are starting to taste it. It’s getting closer and closer in each match.”

“Winning the Champions League is a dream for everybody, but we know it will be very difficult. We have no pressure and have nothing to lose. We aren’t Real Madrid, so we will be determined but unburdened.”

The midfield has yet to ink a contract extension despite the abundant rumors.

“We are at a good point in our talks. It’s clear that I want to continue here. There are no doubts about that.”

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