Lorenzo Insigne Could Stay at Napoli Despite Being on an Expiring Deal

Lorenzo Insigne and Napoli are not on the same page in the negotiation to extend his contract. However, that may not necessarily lead to a break-up this summer. The Italian international could stay at the club despite having just a year left on his deal, SportMediaset reports.

The two parties are in talks to prolong the pact, but they are in polar positions. Insigne is the second-highest paid player in the squad with his €4.6M wages. He asked for a raise as, at 30-years-old, it would likely be his last lucrative contract. Instead, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis wants to lower costs this summer and proposed a pay cut.

The forward and the chairman might opt for a long-term extension that would dilute the salary. However, at this stage, it is more likely that they do not reach an agreement, the site adds. But the attacker might not transfer, even though Napoli would face the risk of losing him for nothing in 2022. The finances of the Partenopei could be in better shape in a year, facilitating a new deal.

Insigne is entering his tenth straight season with Napoli and has manifested no desire to leave. Besides some Lazio buzz in an unlikely swap with Luis Alberto, his name has not come up much in the rumor mill. Coach Luciano Spalletti urged him and the owner to find some common ground to continue together. He plans to make the attacker one of the pillars of his formation in the upcoming campaign.