Lozano Knee Injury Could Affect His Short-Term Future

Hirving Lozano will miss the four remaining matches with a knee injury. Napoli announced that the winger suffered a grade-two sprain. No decision has been made on whether he will need surgery at this stage.

The Mexican attacker was considered likely to depart in the summer as his contract is up in 2024. His wages are already conspicuous. The Azzurri have enacted a more stringent wage policy after his arrival.

The intermediary Alessandro Monfrecola, who contributed to bringing Lozano to Napoli, took stock to Radio CRC (via Fantacalcio).

“I came back from Mexico yesterday, and they have generally better informed there. They are very worried because they were already wishing for him to move to the Premier League. This injury could shake things up because his sale seemed certain beforehand. Everything is up in the air now.”

“After Mino Raiola passed away, he hired an agency that’s well-connected in England. Their players generally end up there. If the problem turned out to be particularly severe, it would stem the interest in acquiring him. Nobody would buy an injured player. The clubs that are keen will want to see him back on the pitch first.”

The operator also assessed the seesawing season of the forward and his contract.

“Napoli can’t make an exception for Lozano. The pitch ultimately decides that. While Victor Osimhen and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia deserve it, he doesn’t. He can be a prolific scorer, but he has to play on the left wing to do that. He’s more of an assist man on the right one. It wouldn’t be fair to expect too many goals. But they already have a star in the other role.”

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