Luis Enrique on Italy: “They Use a Spanish Style, It Will Be Entertaining”

Luis Enrique previewed the semi final versus Italy in an interview with Sky Sport: “They have a Spanish style, which makes the game very difficult, but also spectacular. They play nice football, they like to have possession and press well. It will be an entertaining and intense game. The two teams are fairly similar overall.”

He recalled his time in the Peninsula: “I fully love Italy, especially Rome, even though I, unfortunately, stayed there for just one year there. I adore the people, the food, pizza, ice cream, and of course football. It will be a pleasure to face the Azzurri.”

On what they need to avoid: “We must be at the top of our game in every minute. We have to adhere to our principles at all time and never let our guard down. I am sure we will manage.”

Luis Enrique was part at the wrong end of an iconic moment in the 1994 World Cup. Mauro Tassotti elbowed him in the face when Italy and Spain squared off in the quarter finals: “That incident is part of my career. I met him a few years back and we cleared the air. My players probably do not even remember it.”

Alvaro Morata has been under heavy scrutiny during the Euro: “I do not need to talk to him; we just have to create some spaces for him. He is very familiar with Giorgio Chiellini as they are teammates and friends. I have nothing to teach him since he knows him better than I do.”