Lukaku Wishes to Extend Roma Stay Past Ongoing Loan

Despite the costs and challenges of putting together a permanent transfer, Romelu Lukaku would like to stay at Roma. He joined on loan last summer with no formal option to buy. The Giallorossi might have a gentleman’s agreement with Chelsea, but the sum would still be high, Corriere dello Sport relays.

The striker has confided his intention to his inner circle and teammates. He’ll relay it to the next director of his current team. He’s comfortable in the Italian capital and doesn’t want to return to London if not to negotiate his departure.

In the list of preferences of Lukaku, Roma come first, followed by other European destinations. At this stage, he’s not keen on moving to Saudi Arabia or the MLS. He had the chance to do that in the past, and the golden train will pass again in the summer.

Still, the center-forward desires to keep playing in the top tier of football. It won’t be easy for the Giallorossi to make it happen. His price tag is around €40M, plus he has very sizeable wages. They’ll ask him to decrease it, and he might be willing to. Qualifying for the Champions League would help.

Our Take on Roma and Lukaku

He’s been okay but not at the level to justify a giant disbursement for a veteran, especially for a cash-strapped team. Still, where there’s a will, there’s a way. He has been the poster child for that on the transfer market in recent years.

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