Lukaku Wishes to Stay at Inter after End of Loan Spell

Romelu Lukaku is gearing up for the restart after an underwhelming and injury-plagued first half of the season. He talked about his future and more in an interview with Sky.

“I’m very happy to have returned at Inter. I want to prove it on the pitch now, and I’m working hard with the trainers, my teammates, and the coach. Everybody knows what I want to do next season. Now I have to do the best I can to win, and then we’ll talk with Chelsea. My idea is to close my career at Anderlecht. I’m 30, and my son just started school here and joined the youth academy. I want to stay and do things the right way. I hope to fare well in the next six months and find a solution afterward.”

The striker had tipped off his comeback months in advance.

“A few days after a Nations League game versus the Netherlands, I spoke with new Blues owner. It was a nice chat and I told him the truth, my version of what happened with Thomas Tuchel and the state of our relationship at the time. Then I decided to return, I had the opportunity to do it, and he opened the door. We started negotiating, and things moved quickly.”

Lukaku praised the Inter fans, who previously slammed him.

“They are truly special and the best in the world in my opinion. They always support us even when we are struggling. It was surprising, as I thought they were mad at me. In the end, they are aware that I’ve always carried this time in my heart, even if I left. Everybody knows the reason why I did. This club means everything to me.”

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