Mario Balotelli Openly Campaigning for His Azzurri Return

Mario Balotelli believes he could be the one to solve Italy’s well-known offensive woes. In the meantime, the Federation is studying a plan to postpone the Serie A round before the playoff to help the Azzurri, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

Balotelli talked to OCW Sport on Twitch: “Thanks to my characteristics, I would be able to play with anybody, even with Ciro Immobile. I am a good penalty taker too. What kid does not dream about being the top striker for their national team?”

“I feel good and, after two and a half troublesome years, I feel ready to return to the Azzurri. I would travel by foot from Turkey if it happened. Roberto Mancini has not called me up yet because he knows my potential. I have not entirely fulfilled it yet. I have a few months to be fully ready, and I am close. The coach and I have always had a strong relationship. He told me what I needed to do to be back in the fold. I did not like the criticism and the pessimism at their first stumble. They just won the Euro after all.”

The FA and the League are considering postponing the 30th matchday to give Mancini more time to prepare. However, the schedule is pretty busy, and most clubs are against it. There is not much momentum at this stage. The Azzurri will gather again in late January for a sort of training camp. They will likely face another European national team in a friendly.