Marotta Dishes on Pavard, Lukaku, Correa, and Sanchez

Giuseppe Marotta commented on multiple hot-button topics in an interview with RDS, the official Serie A radio. He started by addressing Benjamin Pavard (via Calcio e Finanza).

“We won’t announce him today, but we are in a good spot. We pushed hard to address this need, and We are very ambitious. It’s not a pipe dream. Sometimes we get accused of deluding our fans, but that’s not the case.”

“We aim at lofty objectives and want to sign strong players. We wish to create a mix of youth and experience. Our squad is competitive, then there are also the opponents. We are on par with the leading group. We’ll exert more energy than Juventus, for instance.”

Marotta revisited Romelu Lukaku.

“He disappointed us deeply, and that’s about it. You can lose players when somebody you thought to be a target no longer is overnight. I don’t think he’ll come to Italy. There are only ten days left in the window.”

Marotta admitted their interest in Alexis Sanchez.

“Joaquin Correa wishes to play more, and we’re not indifferent to that. We’re pondering with Piero Ausilio. We’ll try to satisfy him if he wants to go. A reunion could be in the cards. The Chilean is a true champion and is very passionate about his job. He left begrudgingly and is sending signals about a return. That much is true.”

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