Marotta on Derby, Scudetto Race, and Dimarco Contract

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta discussed the upcoming Derby and a few more topics related to his team after receiving a fair play award. He spoke to Tuttomercatoweb.

“It must be a historic and enjoyable match. We hope the clash with Milan will be a good game and a positive commercial for football. We are not favorites. We’re just at the beginning, and maybe the schedule has an effect on it. As a team, we have authority and a backbone of veterans mixed in with youngsters. The work of Simone Inzaghi is bearing fruits. We could play our role.”

Marotta dished on the title picture.

“The contenders are the same as in the past 20/30 years. There’s a great balance. We took home nine points but we can’t forget about Juventus, Napoli, Lazio, Roma, and Atalanta.”

The exec commented on the recent transfer window.

“It was surely one of the most difficult ones because we had to manage the emergence of Saudi Arabia, which is a new entity we can’t fully understand yet. It upset the European market, as they signed some players in their prime too. The economic advantage is immediate, but clubs also lose competitiveness.”

Marotta admitted that Federico Dimarco is due for a new contract.

“An extension is fair and deserved when somebody concretely underscores the sense of belonging. We’ll sit down with him to examine it as soon as possible.”

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