Marotta Over the Moon for Title, Addresses Key Topics

Giuseppe Marotta was ecstatic for sealing the 20th Scudetto in the Derby and touched on some matters related to the future of Inter in his post-game remarks to Sky.

“It was our goal. We dedicate it to our president Steven Zhang, who has suffered along with us, and our fans. Kudos to Simone Inzaghi, who’s the leader of this group, and to all my collaborators and the employees of this club. The second star is an extraordinary objective.”

“This is a cycle, and we haven’t reached its apex yet. We created a model and valorized it starting from the coach, whom we always supported. Our forte is having an Italian backbone that conveys the sense of belonging. We were good at replacing those who left without panicking. You need courage and to take risks. Confirming ourselves will be difficult. We’ll have to restart with humility.”

Marotta fully expects Lautaro Martinez and Simone Inzaghi to renew their contracts.

“There won’t be problems with their extensions since they want to continue with us. We’ll talk about it with calm and get them across the finish line. I’m happy to be here. I’ll stay as long as I have the strength to do it.”

Marotta dished on the negotiation between Zhang and Pimco.

“He wants to keep helming the team. It’s up to the ownership to make announcements in that respect. That’s his intention anyway. He delegates, and we share every choice. He lets us work with great tranquility, and that’s satisfying.”

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