Marotta Slams Lukaku and Skriniar, Talks January Window

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta once again had choice words for Romelu Lukaku following the transfer saga. He spoke about the Roma striker and more with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He’s the past. Nobody inside the management still thinks about it. Those dynamics are typical in football, though. It wasn’t a first. For instance, there have been players that faked their intention of renewing while thinking about something else.”

“Milan Skriniar? I was very disappointed. When somebody leaves like that, he goes against not only the management and the president but also the history and values of the club. He wronged Inter, not the people. He could have extended his contract, as we offered him many solutions, even including a release clause that would have protected both him and our needs. But he rejected everything.”

Marotta believes that won’t be the case for Lautaro Martinez.

“He’s not like that. If he voiced his intention of re-upping, which matches ours, it means that we’re on the right path and that the marriage can continue for a long time. Having loyal players is an added value. If there’s no sense of belonging, they don’t understand what it means to play and win a Derby, for instance.”

Marotta was quizzed about Mehdi Taremi.

“I don’t think we’ll make transfer market moves in January. However, we’re always attentive. I’d like to add that players were hesitant about accepting Inter in the past, instead many want to come now. We had to say many ‘no’ last summer.”

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