Mbappé Critical of Milan Fans’ Treatment of Donnarumma

Kylian Mbappé had some choice words for how the Milan fans welcomed back Gianluca Donnarumma after his renewal saga and Bosman exit a couple of years ago. On top of loudly booing the goalkeeper at every touch, the Milan faithful showered him with fake money with his image on it before kickoff and throughout the tilt.

The French superstar addressed the situation after the game (via OneFootball).

“There was a lot of noise about his return, and the fans gave Donnarumma a pretty harsh reception. I thought it was a little too much, but this is football nowadays. The supporters do what they want. We don’t know what they feel inside. We protected Gigio the best we could, and we’re sorry for him for this night.”

Mbappé also took stock of the subpar performance of his side.

“We are the problem, as always when we can’t win. We don’t look for issues elsewhere. We didn’t manage to win, and Milan gained confidence. Kudos to them. We didn’t expect anything different from them. We just hoped to come here and prevail, but it didn’t happen. Our goal was to maintain the top spot in the group, but we dropped to the second one. We’ll face Newcastle United next. We’ll have to succeed then and see what happens.”

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