Messias in Awe for “Fairytale” Move to Milan Capping Off Odd Journey

Junior Messias was the final addition by Milan in the summer window. The former Crotone attacker reacted to move on the club’s social media accounts.

“When I first arrived in Italy, I decided to work hard, both on the pitch and in my daytime job. I had a dream. At first, I did not think I could make it, but I humbly sweated every day for it. I remember playing in the streets of Ipatinga with my friends, and now I am here at Milan, one of the more prestigious teams in the world. You can be as rational as you want, but there is always a fairytale you believe in. I really am a Rossonero now.”

Messias started as a delivery guy when he arrived in Italy in 2011. He signed his first contract with a Casale only in 2015 when he was 24. He was in Serie D just six years ago. Between the initial fee and the option to buy, Milan will spend €9M to sign him permanently. Last season, he ranked second for most successful dribbling behind Rodrigo De Paul.

His former gaffer Serse Cosmi has no doubts: “He is surely ready for Milan. On the contrary, I am surprised other big teams did not pursue him. I immediately said he deserved to play in a top-eight team when I started coaching him. He is strong on set pieces, and he has great bursting runs, impressive shooting skills and technique, as natural since he is Brazilian. He is also an impeccable professional.”