Milan Confirm Losses of £66.5M Over Course of 2021/22 Season

Milan approved losses of £66.5M from last season, officialized by the CEO of the club. This comes after both Inter and Juventus did the same over the last couple of days. The latter broke the record for the worst financial setback in the course of a season for an Italian club, ever.

Fortunately for the Rossoneri, it is still an improvement on the season prior. In 2020/21, the losses were just under £100M. There is still ways to go before the books are balanced for the season.

Milan, along with rivals Inter, are in the process of preparing for a new stadium. The stadium will replace the San Siro, and according to reports, will result in considerably positive returns. The new venue is still years away though, meaning both Milan clubs will need to find other ways to decrease their losses over the next few seasons.

Having won the Serie A for the first time in 11 years last season, Milan are looking to repeat as champions for the first time since 1991/92 and 1992/93.

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