Milan and Inter Resume Making Progress on Project for New Stadium

The topic of a new stadium in Milan had been put on hold for months due to the local election. Incumbent mayor Giuseppe Sala was confirmed two weeks ago. He met with both sides to reprise the project yesterday, Corriere della Sera reports.

They released a statement afterward: “The City understands the need of football teams to have a new arena to compete at the highest levels internationally and intends to facilitate the project. However, there must be a solution that best conjugate environmental sustainability, the new urban development plans, and the investment of the clubs.”

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonelli and Milan president Paolo Scaroni attended the meeting. The Elliott fund, which is a major proponent, sent his emissary Giorgio Furlani. On top of representing ownership, he handles the macro aspects of the management of the Rossoneri.

Sala talked to an event afterward: “We are willing to carry on with the project, but we must consider the interests of the collectivity. We are looking for a project that could be fully compatible with them. The summit was a step forward. I think we will convene again in short order.”

The Milan mayor had previously voiced his doubts about building a new stadium: “I confirm that we plan to move forward because I understand the reasoning by the sides. They require a modern arena, and they explained it to me profusely in recent years. However, they must recognize our motives too. We need a sustainable project. But I think we could reach an agreement if we met halfway.”