Milan and Veteran Striker in Talks to Re-Up at Very Low Rate

Milan are open to keeping Ibrahimovic for another season, regardless of his role and health. However, the club is indeed wondering whether he will retire if Sweden does not qualify for the World Cup. If he keeps playing, it will still be with the Rossoneri, La Gazzetta della Sport informs.

Things seem to be moving in such direction, even though an injury kept him on the mend for a while recently. The management and the coaching staff see him as an important figure in the locker room even when he is not getting regular minutes.

Milan and Ibrahimovic are discussing a contract renewal with a significant pay cut. He is currently making €7M per season. The new base salary could go down to €2M, plus add-ons. The bonuses will primarily be tied to his number of appearances. The parties will put the finishing touches on the agreement once his decision is final.

The star admitted his hesitancy in calling it quits during a presser from Sweden: “I will keep playing as long as possible until I can get results and I am comfortable and not in pain on the pitch. I do not want to have any regrets when I retire. My wish is to maximize my career, as I do not know what will happen afterward. I am a little scared and panicked thinking about it, which pushes me to continue. I will miss this kind of adrenaline, so I need to enjoy the moment.”

Ibrahimovic has been called up by Sweden even though he has not played much with Milan lately: “I do not have a full game in my legs, but the coach knew that. I am here to provide what he needs. We will go to Qatar.”