Milan Chairman Talks UCL Goal, Serie A State, and More

Milan president Paolo Scaroni opened up about a few topics while intervening during the RCS Sport Industry Talk event. He began by addressing their plans for a new stadium (via Mediaset).

“I regret not being able to build the best arena in the world with private funds in Milan. We shouldn’t forget that San Siro has been erected and renovated with the taxpayers’ money. Every team should have his own one.”

Scaroni indicated the main goal for his season.

“I’d obviously be happy should we win the Scudetto. It’d be a bonus. Our main objectives are qualifying for the Champions League and reaching the knockout stage. We managed last year, and we hope it happens again. We shouldn’t forget that we wouldn’t have played in such a competition without Juventus’ penalization.”

Scaroni talked about the long-awaited return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“I consider him a resource that’s close to us. It’s up to him to decide when and how to join us and whether to do so with Milan or RedBird Capital.”

Scaroni assessed the team and Serie A in general.

“I’m worried about injuries, the increasing number of games, and the future of our league. We didn’t get as much we hoped from foreign TV rights. We cashed in €200M, while the Premier League €2.2B. It’s a big difference. I’m in favor of maintaining the Decreto Crescita, as it helped sign foreigners that would have come here otherwise. Our sports results depend on our balance sheets.”

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