Milan Clubs to Tear Down San Siro to Build New Stadium

The project for a new stadium in Milan is about to enter a critical phase, as the public debate will begin shortly. The Rossoneri chairman Paolo Scaroni explained why they prefer such route rather than renovating San Siro to SportMediaset.

“There are a few reasons for it. The main one is that it would be impossible and very dangerous to play 50 matches, plus host other events, that routinely draw 50k people while the constructions are ongoing. Other teams did it, but they weren’t sharing an arena and had another one close by where they could move to for some time. We examined the option, but those who campaign for it either didn’t fully ponder it or just don’t want to do anything at all. It’s a no go for us.”

The Milan president confirmed that a different location for the new stadium is still possible.

“It will be built either in San Siro or elsewhere. We are hopeful and optimistic that the plan that started three years ago will come to fruition. We will hear the objections and suggestions of the citizens. If the outcome is positive, it will be fruitful process and not wasted time.”

Inter corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello weighed in on the project too.

“Inter and Milan are part of the fabric of the city. This €1.3B investment is not only for the fans but for everybody. It will create thousands of jobs. It is a multi-purpose urban renewal project. It’s a compromise we reached with the mayor. Its volume has been reduced by a third, while the green areas doubled. We took into consideration every pointer of the local administration.”

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