Milan Going Full Steam Ahead to Create Second Team

Milan have been rumored to launch their second side for a while, and they have now taken concrete steps toward it, formally communicating their interest to the Lega Pro. If they are successful, as likely, they’ll be the third to have it after Juventus and Atalanta.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, the Rossoneri have started the paperwork to request a spot. Once that happens, they’ll be top of the list to substitute for a team that can’t register for Serie C, as was the case in the other two instances.

Fiorentina, Sassuolo, and Torino are keen as well, but Milan acted sooner and grabbed the pole position. They’ll have to wait till June and the assessments of the financial viability of the outfits in question to be certain to get a spot. Exclusions for economic reasons are very frequent in Serie C. The situation should become clearer in the next two months.

It remains to be seen whether Serie C will change its rulebook to welcome the Rossoneri and other top-flight sides in the future. As things stand, it’s possible to have just one second team in each of the three groups. The quota will be filled with a new addition.

Moreover, since the division is geographical, one of the three, which are all based in the North, would have to adapt and compete with teams from the Middle and the South of Italy.

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