Milan Likely to Be Third Club to Establish Second Team

Milan continue to make waves at the youth level. After poaching seasoned executive Vincenzo Vergine from Roma, they are putting together the plan to create their U-23 team. It would join Juventus and Atalanta in Serie C, La Repubblica relays.

The project is well in motion. As was the case for La Dea, which launched it last summer, they’ll have to wait for a club to fail to register due to economic problems. Unfortunately, it’s common in the third division.

Per Calcio e Finanza, Milan joining would create a minor technical issue for Serie C. Per their current bylaws, there’s room for just one ancillary side per group. They’ll be at capacity with three. Plus, they are all based in the North of Italy. The teams are distributed geographically.

Unless the League tweaks its rulebooks, one of them will play against the Southerners, creating logistical issues considering the long travels. Moreover, there’d be no space for potential additions. Sassuolo also showed interest in the recent past.

On the other hand, Serie C is no stranger to modifying its criteria. A solution to accommodate Milan without generating big problems will likely be found relatively quickly. The Rossoneri will be able to better develop their talents, for instance, Francesco Camarda, thanks to their second team. The Italian FA recently reduced the costs to attract more Serie A outfits.

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