Milan Put Forth Inquiry for Mercurial Juventus Striker

Milan are on the prowl for one center-forward, and, after testing the waters for Armando Broja and Hugo Ekitiké, they reached out to Juventus to inquire about Moise Kean. They could tender a loan with an initial €5M fee and a conditioned obligation to buy, Sky relays.

It’s unlikely the Bianconeri will accept such a proposal. As has been the case for most of their sales, they seek a permanent deal for a robust sum. The center-forward has a €25M valuation in their mind.

It remains to be seen whether Milan will insist for Kean or move on to different targets. The idea of loaning out Lorenzo Colombo to allow him to play regularly is gaining pace. He was initially tapped for deputy duties.

The Rossoneri could get an indirect assist from Juventus in their pursuit of Broja. If they revisited the swap between Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic, the Blues would be more open to loaning the forward. They’d be the top destination if that happened.

Our Take on Milan and Kean

He’s a purer no.9 than Noah Okafor, but not by a whole lot. They probably touched base just to see if Juventus would give him away, and he’s still pretty young, but that’s not the case. There are better and more suitable options out there, even though they won’t spend a lot.

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