Milan Stresses Importance of Building a New Stadium

Milan have started the process of building a new stadium on their own in the La Maura area, moving on from the joint project with Inter. However, this location has some issues too, and part of the city council has already started opposing it.

The Rossoneri issued a statement underlining the relevancy of the matter (via SportMediaset).

“Having a new stadium is key for the future of the club and to return among football elite. 153 new ones have been erected in Europe from 2010 to 2020. Italy has participated in just one percent of this potential investment.”

“The top 20 clubs in the world have averaged €68M annual income from their arenas in the 2021/2022 season, while Milan stopped at €32M. Serie A earned €591,40 per seat, while Premier League €1310,50.”

“Milan want to build the best, most modern, and functional stadium in the world. It will be a global icon for the team and the city and a reference point for innovation and sustainability. It would be in the middle of a vast green area, which would offset its carbon footprint. We aim to give the fans a modern home and an experience that is worthy of our history and caliber.”

“The club has proven that this topic has been a priority in the last four years. RedBird Capital has great experience in this field having contributed to the AT&T Stadium in Dallas and the Yankee Stadium in New York. Gerry Cardinale recently meeting mayor Giuseppe Sala and Lombardy president Attilio Fontana testifies our interest in the subject and the desire to accelerate the process to get to a solution that satisfies all parties involved as soon as possible.”

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