Milan Weighing Pros and Cons of Hiring Conceiçao

Milan continue to wait for news from Porto, where Sergio Conceiçao and André Villas-Boas might have their first meeting since the latter won the election to become the president today. It might not be decisive yet, but it should offer at least a hint about whether the coach will stay or not, La Gazzetta dello Sport informed.

The boss sided with Pinto da Costa, who lost, so it wouldn’t be shocking if the chairman preferred a different direction. A few teams have already reached out to the manager’s agent, Jorge Mendes. Thanks to a clause, he’d prioritize the Rossoneri if he got out of his contract.

Conceiçao would be well-received by the Milan fans for his resume, experience, and good track record against Serie A sides in Europe. Moreover, he contributed to grooming several talents who eventually left in big-money deals, for instance, Vitinha, Luis Diaz, Eder Militao, and Otavio. His wages are aligned with what the Rossoneri are willing to spend for their new boss.

On the other hand, their front office has some doubts about his personality. He held a lot of power during his time at Porto and often clashed with the officials and his colleagues, and they don’t particularly like that.

Our Take on Conceiçao and Milan

Considering their other unconvincing ideas, they shouldn’t hesitate if he becomes available, and that’s the main question mark. No coach would come in without any drawback, at least at the rate they have in mind.

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