Milan Would Like to Renegotiate Contract to Keep Jovic

Milan wish to retain Luka Jovic, who has thrived as a super sub, but not by simply picking up a pre-existing option. The Serb has considerable wages that still derive from his time at Real Madrid, Tuttomercatoweb informed.

The striker inked a seasonal deal with a clause for three more years. He’d earn €5M, on par with the top-paid players on the Rossoneri squad, if it were activated. Los Blancos still contributed to his wages after his departure.

Milan would be disinterested in confirming Jovic at those numbers. They would prefer to go down to €2.5M annually. They are negotiating with his agent. While he has bounced back relative to the start of the season and his time at Fiorentina, he’s not a starter nor an elite marksman.

The 26-year-old has bagged 7 goals so far, all from December on. He has been handed a two-game suspension following his infraction against Monza.

Our Take on Milan and Jovic

It’s a fair sentiment by the team, as they don’t hand out lofty wages willy-nilly. Getting a player in his prime to agree to a pay cut is always arduous. They’ll have to hope he feels comfortable enough and perceives he wouldn’t have an equally good opportunity elsewhere. Perhaps a longer deal would do the trick. He might want to concur to do that before Olivier Giroud makes his call. The Rossoneri could elect to keep just one of the two since they’ll sign a young center-forward.

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