Miretti Wins Italian Golden Boy, Reveals His Model

Fabio Miretti received the Best Italian Golden Boy award Monday, while Gavi took home the main prize, and Nicola Zalewski the web one voted by the fans. The Juventus youngster commented on his victory and more to Sky.

“This is a small achievement that I’ll use as a further encouragement. I’m thrilled and thank everybody, especially the club that is allowing me to grow day after day. The work of the staff of the youth academy helped me get to this point. We try to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities we are given and seek to repay the trust on the pitch.”

Miretti disclosed whom he wished to model his game after.

“I look primarily at the Premier League. My main reference point is Kevin De Bruyne, who’s an extraordinary player. I try to take as much as possible from him when I watch his games.”

The prodigy has yet to score with the first team.

“I’m working on it because I’ve had a few opportunities to do it. It’s an objective and an area where I’m trying to improve.”

Miretti commented on the Europa League draw, as Juventus will face Nantes in the playoffs.

“I played there when I was younger and won a trophy. I hope it goes well this time too.”

The starlet burst onto the scenes late in the last campaign, starting the final four matches. He has appeared 17 times in the current one, getting the nod on 6 occasions. While he has yet to hit the net, he has dished an assist in the Spezia fixture in late August. He’s been playing as a no.10 lately as the Bianconeri navigate though multiple offensive absences.

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