Monza Director Takes in Demand Colpani Off the Market

Andrea Colpani is one of the most buzzed-about players in Serie A, as he has scored 6 goals in the first 12 matches. While he’s generating a ton of interest, Monza have clear plans for him, and perhaps not just for January.

Their sporting director Michele Franco received a team award at the Gran Galà del Calcio in Salerno and spoke with Tuttomercatoweb. He was asked whether the fantasista would stay.

“Yes, absolutely. He has a five-year contract, so he’ll remain with us. His Italy call-up makes us proud. Colpani was a pet player of Silvio Berlusconi, who thought very highly of him.”

Monza lost some big offensive pieces, as Gianluca Caprari suffered an ACL tear and Alejandro Gomez has been suspended for doping.

“There’s still time before the start of the transfer market window. It’s early to think about it. We have to focus on Serie A. We have important games coming up and haven’t achieved anything yet. Our goal is to avoid relegation as soon as possible.”

Our Take on Colpani

While they should have an easy time resisting the offers in January, it’ll be a lot more challenging next summer. They sold a star in the past window, Carlos Augusto, but he had a short-term contract. It’d be quite the statement if they held onto the playmaker, but smaller teams have often come to regret not striking when the iron was hot on profitable sales.

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