Mourinho Acknowledges Haters, Repels Special One Label

After professing his love for the Roma fans, José Mourinho didn’t deny having detractors talking to Federico Buffa on Sky (via Calciomercato).

“They are those who state to be Giallorossi supporters, but they have lived happily during all this time while the club didn’t win any cup in Italy or Europe. I think it sells. They have fun on the radio, and it’s all good. Instead, the opposite is a way of living, and not just in football. The ones who know what I did follow it. I find people who identify with me in every corner of the world. There are both factions.”

Mourinho pushed back on the ‘Special One’ monicker.

“It’s a lie that’s 20 years old at this point. In reality, I didn’t say that I was ‘The’ Special One, but ‘a’ Special One. It means that there are others like me. For instance, two Italian coaches, Massimiliano Allegri and Carlo Ancelotti. They are very special. Some said that Carlo was too old when he was at Everton, and others that Max is a poor coach. Unfortunately for them, they’ll keep winning for sure.”

Mourinho dished on his relationship with referees.

“It’s not a strategy. I defend the people. I have trouble overlooking injustices in any field. In football, they are the only ones that can remedy their mistakes. They have three assistants and the VAR. They have to err less.”

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