Mourinho Considering Totti for Delicate Role at Roma

José Mourinho wants some help at Roma and has a legend in mind for the job, Francesco Totti. The icon spent some time as an exec at the club under the previous ownership. Despite the chatter at various points, his return to the management never materialized.

According to La Repubblica, the Special One would like to onboard the former attacker to manage the relations with the referees. He considers it a big problem and feels alone in such a battle. He has been suspended for protesting several times. Director Tiago Pinto has rarely been vocal about it. The ownership never addressed it publicly.

In general, Mourinho wishes for the arrival of a new exec that would allow him to focus more on strictly technical matters, and Totti would be ideal in his mind. There haven’t been direct contacts between the two, but the gaffer is increasingly interested in the hiring.

While the ex-captain mended fences with the club, it’s unclear whether he would accept the position. He previously left because he felt he didn’t have enough say on the transfer market and was more of a figurehead.

Our Take on Roma, Mourinho, and Totti

Great players don’t necessarily make superb execs, but in this case, and also Alessandro Del Piero’s one, it would be about time for the clubs to find the right roles for their legends.

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