Mourinho Has Surprising Rant Against Part of Roma Fans

José Mourinho took a shot at some supporters after the narrow victory over Verona, teasing that he’ll elaborate on what happened this season down the line (via La Repubblica).

“I’m sorry when I hear the fans whistling our players. They don’t deserve it. The press is partly to blame for that because they always say we prevail because we are lucky or that we score only on set pieces. I don’t need to be praised, but my footballers do. Today’s win belongs to them, along with some Curva fans. I have to defend my guys. They sacrificed themselves and were extraordinary. They don’t get their due credit.”

“The stadium was sold out, but it depends on who comes to the match. For instance, our faithful carried us against Bodo/Glimt last year, while today’s ones didn’t help. They don’t understand. We don’t have Cafu or Maicon playing right-back. If I were them, I would hold Edoardo Bove on the palm of my hand because he’s a bigger Roma supporter than they are. He was about to go to a Serie C side on loan when I joined, and he’s starting for us now.”

Mourinho hinted that he believed the Giallorossi exceeded expectations in 2022/2023, contrary to popular belief, but stated that he would speak on it at a later time.

“I will discuss such topic at the end of the season. I will have a lot to say. Now it’s not the time. I haven’t given any interview since I joined, besides the pressers, because I’m obliged to hold them. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll wait to talk.”

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