Mourinho Unleashes Tirade Against Napoli-Roma Referees

José Mourinho and Roma believed they were victims of some wrong decisions in the Napoli clash. The gaffer did not mince words in his post-game remarks: “Since the start, I felt it was impossible to come away with a positive result from this match. We played in fantastic fashion, but it was like climbing the Everest.”

The coach talked to various outlets (via Tuttomercatoweb): “Some teams are fighting for the Scudetto, and we are not among them. However, we have the right to play to win matches. I have read that an error against one of the contenders could swing the title race. But the same goes if mistakes are in their favor. I do not want to talk too much about it, but I felt ashamed for Aleandro Di Paolo (the VAR assistant) and referee Marco Di Bello today.”

Mourinho went into detail on his claims in Napoli-Roma: “Alessandro Zanoli should have been sent off. He would have gotten a yellow card for that tackle in the first half on any pitch in the world. The goalkeeper fouled Nicolò Zaniolo in the box, and so that was a penalty kick. He made a save, but the ball stayed there, and he brought down our player. But they did not call it, and there would be a lot more. Unfortunately, we have not been capable enough in assembling this team to compete for the Scudetto. But we want to do so in any game, and they are taking away our right in that sense.”