Multiple Serie A Coaches Slam Concept of Super League

Roma announced through a statement that they will not be joining the Super League as “it goes against the spirit of the game” and that “some things are more important than money.” On the other hand, Napoli are ready to embark on the project if they will be offered such opportunity, Repubblica reports.

During the pre-game pressers ahead of the midweek round, most Serie A coaches were asked about it and voiced their displeasure. Sassuolo gaffer Roberto De Zerbi was the harshest: “I am furious because this was a coup. They could have done it out in the open; instead, they issued a statement at midnight. The Super League takes away the very essence of the sport. We dreamt of qualifying for Europe this year and maybe my club and I are suckers because we still hold on to that. If this is modern football, it does not respect the man. It if was up to me, I would not play tomorrow because Milan is part of that group. It is a matter of values and sentiments; it is a sad page.”

Sampdoria manager Claudio Ranieri said: “The beauty of football belongs to the feats like that pulled off by my Leicester City. The fact that the smallest clubs can compete with the top ones is the core of the spot. The Super League is just wrong, and I hope FIFA and UEFA have the right instrument to stop it.”

Bologna gaffer Sinisa Mihajlovic sounded off as well: “It is bad. Football is the most beloved sport because David can beat Goliath. With this system, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. They should not act as false moralists. It is just a matter of money, they have to re-pay their debts. I hope Juventus, Milan, and Inter get excluded from Serie A.”