Napoli and Roma Fans Involved in Motorway Guerrilla

The Napoli and Roma ultras have been kept away from each other in recent years after the clashes that led to the death of Ciro Esposito in May 2014. Both sides were on the road on the same day Sunday, and violent fringes of the fan bases collided at a Badia al Pino Est motorway service area near Arezzo, Corriere della Sera informs.

The supporters had agreed to meet at 1 pm. The Partenopei would face Sampdoria in Genoa later in the afternoon, while the Giallorossi visited Milan at night. It’s the same rest stop where Lazio faithful Gabriele Sandri lost his life as policeman Luigi Spaccarotella shot him following similar incidents 16 years ago.

Around 350 Napoli and 200 Roma fans waged war against each other for an hour, throwing firecrackers, bottles, smoke bombs, and rocks. One Giallorossi supporter reached local hospital due to a thigh wound. The cameras caught most of the vehicles and people present, and an investigation will ensue. The authorities are trying to figure out who set up the all-out brawl. Half of the motorway was shut down for safety reasons, creating a 15-kilometer-long traffic queue.

Italian FA president Gabriele Gravina commented to Tuttomercatoweb.

“We have to make sanctions more stringent and effective. The institutions have to collaborate more closely. These scenes are no longer acceptable. They are shameful and we firmly condemn them. These individulas have nothing to do with sport and should face harsh punishments. On top of the physical damage, they hurt the image of Roma and Napoli.”

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