Napoli Coach: “I Would Chain Myself” to Keep United and Everton Target

Coach Luciano Spalletti is ready to throw his weight around to prevent the sale of Kalidou Koulibaly. As it happens every summer, the Napoli defender is on the radar of multiple top teams. However, nobody has come close to reaching his expensive price tag, Tuttomercatoweb reports.

The manager talked to some fans in the square of Dimaro, where Napoli are preparing for the new season. “I would chain myself somewhere to keep Koulibaly, he would be very difficult to replace,” the gaffer replied when asked if the center-back would leave.

Manchester United recently offered €30M, while Everton seemed willing to put €10M on the table. However, Napoli want at least €50M to consider parting ways with their long-time linchpin. The Red Devils are pushing to acquire Raphael Varane. Should they manage to get him, Real Madrid could become a concrete destination for Koulibaly, the site speculates.

Instead, PSG are unlikely to rekindle their interest after signing Sergio Ramos. If the stalemate continued until the second week of August, the Azzurri would likely break off any talks because there would be too little time to find an adequate substitute.

Spalletti also believes Lorenzo Insigne will stay at Napoli despite the turbulent negotiation for a new deal. “He needs to have a sit-down with the president. I am convinced that, given their strong personalities, they will be able to find some common ground to continue together. There is not an issue yet; they just have to talk directly. I am optimistic.” The contract of the Italian winger is up in 2022.