Napoli Executive Brushes Off Rumored Juventus Interest

Napoli sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli has reportedly landed on Juventus’ radar for a possible future shake-up of their management. But the executive implied that he’s not going anyway in his latest remarks to Sky (via Calciomercato).

“I’m great here, and I have two more years on my contract. I’m attached to the De Laurentiis family. We have to thank the president for what he has allowed us to do on the transfer market. I’m not thinking about my future.”

The official dished on the great form of his side.

“We are proud because Italian football as a whole has been underestimated for years. But I’m sure we will bounce back. Resources are scarce, but I know we will get out this situation in great fashion.”

Giuntoli expounded on the strategy they have used in the last few windows.

“We try to improve through the transfer market by making limited and precise deals. In the end, the pitch does the talking, and we are doing well. We have different strikers with complementary skill-sets. The key was to pick players that could fit next to one another seamlessly.”

Our Take on Juventus Eyeing Giuntoli

If they continue as they have recently, the Bianconeri will need much more than just one extra executive in their brass. He would actually be the right kind of guy to potentially build the new front office around, as he could take on the same role as Giuseppe Marotta when they were a well-oiled machine. But, other than for the challenge of reviving a deep-pocketed club, he has no reason to leave Napoli, which are set up for success for a few years after they brilliantly retooled in the summer.

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