Napoli Fullback Agent Attacks Embattled Coach Again

Agent Mario Rui, who represents Mario Rui and Giovanni De Lorenzo, doubled down on his criticism of Rudi Garcia. He was unconvinced of the boss’ retort to his rant about the limited playing time of the Portuguese fullback. He spoke to TVPlay (via OneFootball).

“The verb crying never existed in my vocabulary. He invented everything in his statements and while talking about the relationship between me and Rui. If he wanted to expose the player like he did, he should have brought him to the press conference and let him dish on our rapport without making stuff up. I’ve never seen a coach trying to pit a client against his agent. It was a grave error. I’ve been following Mario for 13 years. He’s part of the family.”

Giuffredi went on to criticize Garcia.

“The dirty laundry needs to stay in-house. I’m no longer interested in speaking about him. The matter ends here as far as I’m concerned. I hope to have been clear and to have explained how he manufactured this controversy.”

Giuffredi lashed out at sporting director Maurizio Meluso too.

“I didn’t reply Friday, shortly after Garcia’s words, only out of respect for my guys, the team, Aurelio De Laurentiis, and CEO Andrea Chiavelli. I didn’t want to add tension before the game. The exec disappointed me. He should have handled things inside the locker room. He called me to clarify and confirm what I knew afterward.”

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