Napoli Supporters Spice Up Eve of UCL Game with Milan

Fresh off a truce with owner Aurelio De Laurentiis, the Napoli fans started playing the Milan match early. Two hundred of them spent the night before the return leg outside the hotel that hosted the Rossoneri, lighting up fireworks, playing music at an extreme volume, and making noise in general, Panorama informs.

It led to a remarkable spectacle, but it wasn’t a big disturbance for the adversaries, as their rooms were soundproofed. The supporters have been targeting in particular Theo Hernandez, online and with their chants, following the San Siro tilt, Fanpage reports.

According to the supporters, the Frenchman celebrated the game-winning goal too much and right in Hirving Lozano’s face. Moreover, in their mind, he dived on the foul that led to Frank Anguissa’s second yellow card. Rafael Leao came to his teammates’ defense on Twitter after a series of ugly insults.

The Napoli fans were on strike in the recent Serie A tilt with the Rossoneri to protest. However, they will make their presence felt Tuesday night, Corriere dello Sport relays.  De Laurentiis interceded in their negotiation with the authorities, and they rubber-stamped the newfound peace with a picture. As Luciano Spalletti intimated, everybody will row in the same direction to try staging a comeback after a one-nil loss in the first leg.

The Ultras confirmed their intentions with a statement.

“Together until victory. The dialogue between us and the president was serene, clear, and productive. He recognized the importance of our sacrifices, passion, and love for the team, and our contribution to the results, while we acknowledged that his management finally brought Napoli to the football elite. Now everybody will do their part in their respective roles.”

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