Napoli to Accelerate Talks to Sign Coveted Torino Ace

Napoli and Torino will enter the key stages of the negotiation for Alessandro Buongiorno now that Italy have been eliminated from Euro 2024. The competition didn’t help the Granata as they had hoped. The defender didn’t log any minutes.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the Partenopei don’t face much competition at the moment. The center-back is extremely pricey, and the other top Italian teams have different priorities. His side started from a €40M valuation, plus €5M add-ons.

Napoli have tendered €35M for Buongiorno so far. They hope to close the gap and meet in the middle relatively quickly. Antonio Conte spoke with the player directly, who greatly appreciated it. Torino wish a Premier League side come into the picture, perhaps Newcastle United, fueling a bidding war. However, that hasn’t happened yet.

New Azzurri director Giovanni Manna will be in Milan this week to further the pursuits of the Granata star and Leonardo Spinazzola, who’s now formally a free agent. In the meantime, the Giovanni Di Lorenzo case is starting to subside. His team has always been determined to keep him despite his uneasiness.

Our Take on Napoli and Buongiorno

It wouldn’t come cheap, but it’d be a coup for a team that doesn’t play in the Champions League. It doesn’t hurt that Inter and Roma are in no position to splurge, and Milan and Juventus, which could certainly use him, especially the former, prefer investing to shore up their attack and midfield respectively. They have the inside track and should exploit it before something new comes up.

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